Disciplinary Community Medicine is primarily concerned with population health while playing the lead and collaborative roles in maintaining and improving the health of communities and groups. The main focus is on the prevention of diseases and avoiding departure from mental, physical, and social
wellbeing. The essence is to mobilize all stakeholders within and outside communities to recognize potential hazards, design strategies to mitigate them, diagnose ill-health early, and prevent or manage disabilities.

Our department performs these roles through training, research, and community service. We are involved in the training of different cadres of health care workers, including Physicians, different cadre of primary health care staff, and highly skilled health professionals. Our training span both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and have the unique feature of providing contemporary content that makes our graduates of international standards while being locally relevant. The department has a conducive environment for learning. The Global Health Training Academy is the subsidiary of the department with the responsibility of providing cutting-edge professional short courses for mid-career
and senior health managers and policymakers. Our research drive is to provide the best evidence to identify the determinants of departure from health and wellbeing and use this to design and implement effective interventions, strategies, and policies to address the health challenges of sub-Saharan Africa.
In serving our communities, we offer clinical and non-clinical services. We undertake vaccination services across the lifespan and collaborate with the national program on immunization to deliver the recommended vaccines, while also aligning with the WHO and international best practices for vaccination beyond infancy and particularly got travelers.

In conjunction with the National Tuberculosis, Leprosy, and Buruli Ulcer Control Program, we provide surveillance, diagnostic, and treatment services for the indicated diseases. Also, we collaborate with a network of partners including the National Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDS, Ogun State Agency for the Control, Ogun State Ministry of Health, and the APIN Public Health Initiatives to provide comprehensive HIV/AIDS treatment and care. My goal is to achieve excellence and global competitiveness in all aspects of our undertakings. I, therefore, invite all stakeholders and partners across the world who share our aspirations to partner with us in achieving the highest possible level of health for the peoples of sub-Saharan Africa.

Welcome to the Department of Community Medicine.

Olumide ABIODUN                                                                                                       Head of Department

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