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 MSc Human Nutrition, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
 BSc  Human Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria



Adetola AB,Ani I, Matthew JE, Abodunde GB. Prevalence of obesity, Hypertension and diabetes among Patients Attending Dietetics out-patient Clinic at a Tertiary Health institution in South Western Nigeria. J clin Diabetes Obesity (2021): 008 doi: 10.47755/2768-3699.100108
Adetola, A., Oduneye, T. M., Abdulsalami, A. O., Alfa, T., & Olatunji, O. (2021). Prevalence of Obesity and its primary comorbidities among patients attending the dietetics out-patient clinic in a tertiary health institution in southwestern Nigeria. Babcock University Medical Journal (BUMJ)4(2), 71–77.
Adediran A , Oyelese AT, Ogbaro DD, Wakama AT, Gbadegesin A,Awodele  IO,Adetola AB,Ngubor NF, Thompson TE. Socio-Economic Determinants of Prenatal Anaemia in South-West Nigeria: A Preliminary Report.  Am J Blood Res 2021;11(4):410-416 /ISSN:2160-1992/AJBR0115313
Adediran A , Oyelese AT, Ogbaro DD, Wakama AT, Gbadegesin A,Awodele  IO,Adetola AB,Ngubor NF, Thompson TE. Knowledge and practices regarding anaemia amongst pregnant women in southwest Nigeria. Caspian journal of reproductive medicine. Caspian J Reprod Med, 2021, 7 (2): 7-14.

Ani I, Adetola AB, Bede-obayi RC, Oyekan JG, Matthew JE. Assessment of the quality of oil in snacks sold by street vendors in amuwo odofin local government area, lagos state. Nigerian journal of nutritional sciences.



Ani I, Adetola AB,Abolarin BA, Ajuzie NC, Akinlade AR. comparative analysis of cake produced from wheat and jack fruit pulp flour. Nigeria food journal




Ø Training on project management. International project management professionals.

Ø Training on management of acute malnutrition by international malnutrition task force.

Ø Food environment for healthy sustainable diet (2021)




Sustainable development goals (SDGs)  

-Intervention through nutrition education on how to prevent anaemia in Ikene local government, Ogun state, Nigeria.

Nutri-kids garden vacation (4.0)    

-Participated in planning and execution of the programme

Intervention program (30 days health challenge)    

-Designed and participated, gave nutrition education and counseling sessions

Health talks

-Delivered presentations and teachings on healthy eating at religious gatherings, community gatherings  and Babcock University

2017till date
Millennium development goals (MDGs).

Lectures high school students on family and community life in umunneochi, Abia state, Nigeria.




Institute of dietetics Nigeria                                                                                                            member
Nutrition society of Nigeria                                                                                                            member
Centre for research and innovation Babcock University                                                                member