Welcome to the Department of Haematology

The Department of Haematology at Babcock Teaching University was established in 2013 with six members of staff.

Presently, the academic section of the department comprises seven members: three Associate Professors (including one visiting professor), one Lecturer, two laboratory scientists, and one administrative staff member. Within the service laboratory, there are now four laboratory scientists and one technician, collectively contributing to the department’s operational efficiency and growth.

The Department of Haematology at Babcock Teaching University continues to thrive and make significant strides in the realms of education, and research. 

Services Rendered

The Haematology Department at our teaching university is committed to three core areas: teaching medical students and resident doctors, conducting impactful research, and providing essential community services.

In the realm of research, our department focuses on projects that have a positive influence on the community. Notably, we have contributed to international journals with research findings on anaemia in both pregnant and non-pregnant women of reproductive age. This underscores our dedication to advancing medical knowledge for the betterment of society. These journals include

  1. American Journal of Blood Research. (Am J Blood Res 2021;11(4) 410-416)
  2. Caspian Journal Reproductive Medicine,(Caspian J Reprod Med, 2021 ;7 (2): 7-14)
  3. Asian Food Science Journal. (Asian Food Science Journal. 2022; 21(9) : 96-106).

Outpatient clinics

Clinic is run by the consultants and resident doctors every Thursday 9am-12 noon


Patients with haematological conditions admitted into the wards are seen daily. Consultant ward round is every Wednesday.

Laboratory services

Investigations available in the service laboratory include- Full blood count, peripheral blood film, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), clotting profile (PT INR. PTTK), blood product preparation (Fresh frozen plasma, platelet concentrate, grouping, cross matching and ELISA screening for transfusion transmissible infections (TTI)

HOD Profile

Appointed as the Head of the Department in September 2022, Dr. Adewumi Adediran joined Babcock University in October 2018. He obtained his medical degrees from the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos in 1982. He became a Fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria, Faculty of Pathology (FMCPath) in 2007. Additionally, he underwent intensive training in haematopoietic stem cell transplantation for sickle cell anaemia and Molecular HLA Typing at the Mediterranean Institute of Haematology in Rome, Italy, in 2014. Currently, he serves as an Associate Professor and Consultant Haematologist, specializing in nutritional anaemias and haematological malignancies. Notably, he has authored 66 publications in both local and international journals.

Other Activities

The Department marked the World Thrombosis Day on October 13 2022 with a theme- Eyes Open to Thrombosis. The activity was sponsored by BAYER Nigeria limited.